Siddharameshwar. Golden Day: or Perfection of Material Science (pdf). Free

Sri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj

Golden Day or: perfection of material science, was preached by Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj circa 1925. The Sermon was recorded in Marathi by devotees and translated into English in 1929.

From the introduction:
“Temporal life or worldliness (Sansara) means an attempt to make oneself happy at the cost and sacrifice of others (total indifference to other’s welfare and miseries).
Parmartha means (1) to realise the Origin of the whole Universe (2) to enjoy one’s own natural happiness (i.e. happiness not acquired by any efforts or means – happiness of Self) and (3) to make all people similarly and equally happy and (4) Perfection of Material Science.
Material researches are always imperfect and imperfect things cannot bring happiness to anyone. Parmartha is nothing but bringing material researches to perfection. Perfection brings happiness to all. Raw food or not properly cooked food causes pain while ripe food is wholesome. Even bitter ‘Nimb fruit’ when completely ripe gives sweet taste.
Material researches when brought to perfection reach the stage of Parmartha which means nothing but God or Brahma.”

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