Healing My Wounded Inner Child: A Journey to Wholeness

Jan E Frazier

At the age of four, a little girl sat in the corner of the small, modest living room, her knees pulled up under her plaid dress… afraid to leave the security of her corner.

Fear—that can be a huge factor in a child’s life while growing up in an emotionally abusive family. The little girl’s nine-year-old brother had died of leukemia; and her mother, grieving the loss of her son and unable to cope, seemed to withdraw from life and into a fog of grief. Thus, the four-year-old was left in a cold, scary, and often overwhelming world with thoughts that made her feel as if she must be a horrible child for her mother to instigate the silent treatment and “leave” her in solitude.

Healing My Wounded Inner Child is a true story of Jan E. Frazier’s struggles and constant journey to uncover, accept, and love her Inner Child.

Emotional abuse is an insidious form of abuse as there are no physical scars; there is no name calling, screaming, or alcoholic rages.  However, the child’s emotional scars are real. This book touches on many concepts and real-life episodes in Frazier’s life which can result from a wounded Inner Child—fear, withdrawal, depression, low self-esteem, Anorexia Nervosa, co-dependency, and perfectionism.

Reading this book is like opening a window to the soul… This author has brought to light the powerful message that by communicating with our inner child, by loving our past selves, by protecting and cherishing that child that we all keep hidden within, we can become the person we were put on this earth to be.  We can be free, happy, and fulfilled…  – Christy Loy, secondary teacher

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